Are Traditional Braces Faster?

Are Traditional Braces Faster?

May 15, 2022

More people are searching for orthodontic solutions to get that perfect smile. Braces are a common choice for straightening teeth and correcting other misalignment issues. Both adults and teenagers used traditional braces for a long time. Today, however, there are different types of braces near you that can be used to align your smile perfectly.

When choosing from a wide variety, you must consider the effectiveness, speed, and cost. Speed is of the essence since no one wants to spend several years correcting their smiles. The rate of the process is determined by the type of issue repaired. However, some braces work faster than others.

For instance, clear braces are considered the fastest functional braces in the market. This is because they are computer generated and customized to move several teeth simultaneously. That is why a patient is expected to finish treatment in approximately a year. Yet, individuals with slight misalignment issues can complete their treatment in as little as three months.

Are Traditional Braces Best?

Traditional braces have evolved quite much from when they first hit the market. Metal braces were used initially and are still used today to correct all types of malocclusions. Unfortunately, traditional metal braces are not pleasing to the eye. However, there are newer versions offered by the dentist in 77074. they can be colored to match individual specifications.

Some traditional braces are aesthetically pleasing. An example is ceramic braces that almost resemble your natural teeth’s color. There are also self-litigating braces that utilize sliding clips instead of elastic bands to hold the braces wire in place. In addition, they make metal braces more comfortable and easy to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Although clear braces work faster than traditional ones, the latter is ideal for various reasons. First, Traditional Braces In Braes Timbers Houston, TX, cannot be removed by the patient. This ensures that the dentist controls the process and continuous improvement. The braces stay in place until it is time for an adjustment or removal by the dentist.

However, clear braces are removed frequently by the patient. Taking clear aligners in and out of your mouth to eat or clean risks slowing treatment. Sometimes, the patient may forget to put them back over the teeth for the required 22 hours a day. In addition, the braces might get lost or damaged when out of the mouth. This, therefore, extends the treatment time.

The second reason traditional braces are a better option is that they fix more problems. For example, all braces correct bad bites, gaps, crowding, and crooked teeth. Yet, patients with teeth that need to be raised to the height of adjacent teeth or rotated need traditional braces. In addition, patients with more complicated misalignment issues can benefit from these braces.

Although orthodontia is not cheap, traditional braces are more affordable than others. Besides, you will not be forced to go back into your pocket to replace lost or damaged braces. In addition, traditional braces are great for patients of any age. They allow dentists to fix children’s teeth fast since the mouth is still developing.

Are Braces Painful?

Indeed there is some pain and discomfort associated with braces, but it is slight. This is normal since the braces are designed to apply pressure on teeth to straighten. However, as a result, your gums, lips, and tongue experience new uncomfortable sensations.

Patients experience pain when the braces are new or recently tightened. However, once they adjust to fit over your teeth after a few days, the pain dissipates. The dentist in 77074 recommends some methods for treating braces pain. They include:

  • Using over the counter pain-relieving medication
  • Applying oral analgesics on your gums to numb the pain
  • Placing orthodontic wax over the brackets or wires that cause discomfort
  • Sucking on cool things such as popsicles or ice cream or placing an icepack against the jaws
  • Eating soft, easy to chew foods until the pain alleviates
  • Rinsing your mouth with warm saline water to act as antiseptic
  • Brushing and flossing regularly to prevent plaque buildup

Are you looking for an orthodontic dentist near you who provides treatment? Contact us at Mi Casa Dental – Houston, TX, for a beautifully aligned smile. You can also make an appointment for comprehensive dental treatments for your family.

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