Choosing the Right Dental Filling: Options for Tooth Repair

Choosing the Right Dental Filling: Options for Tooth Repair

Jul 15, 2023

What are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are important; they help maintain your mouth’s overall health and prevent more serious dental issues from arising. Decay left untreated can lead to tooth loss, infection, and gum disease. You can avoid these potentially painful and costly outcomes with a simple filling procedure.

But it’s not just about avoiding future problems; getting Dental Fillings in Braes Timbers Houston, TX also has aesthetic benefits.

The process of getting a filling involves removing the damaged portion of the tooth, cleaning out any bacteria or debris, and then filling in the space with a material such as composite resin, amalgam, or gold.

Types of Dental Fillings

There are several dental fillings and a dentist near you will choose an appropriate option.

    • Amalgam fillings

Amalgam fillings are made up of silver, tin, copper, and mercury. While they may not look as aesthetically pleasing as other options, amalgam fillings are known for their durability and strength. They are also less expensive than some of the newer filling materials on the market. However, some people may have concerns about the safety of using mercury in dental fillings, despite reassurances from experts that they are safe when properly placed.

    • Composite fillings

Composite fillings are one of the most popular options available for dental fillings. This filling is made from a mixture of glass and resin, giving it a natural appearance. One of the benefits of composite fillings is that they can be matched to the color of your existing teeth, making them an excellent choice for those who want their fillings to be as discreet as possible.

Composite fillings are bonded directly to the tooth, meaning less drilling and removal of healthy tooth material than other fillings. Additionally, they harden quickly under a special light, allowing you to resume normal eating habits soon after the procedure. However, it’s important to note that composite fillings are less durable than other types and may need a replacement after a few years. Overall, composite fillings offer a great option for those seeking a durable yet discreet solution to their dental needs.

    • Porcelain fillings

Porcelain fillings, or ceramic fillings, are a natural-looking and durable option. These fillings are made of custom-made porcelain material to match the color of your teeth, providing a seamless look once they’re placed.

Porcelain fillings are highly resistant to staining, so that you can maintain their white appearance over time with proper dental hygiene. They are also strong enough to withstand normal wear and tear.

However, porcelain fillings may only be suitable for some. They tend to be more expensive than other filling materials and require a skilled dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry to place them correctly.

    • Gold dental fillings

Gold dental fillings have been used for over a century and are still among the most durable filling materials. Gold is expensive, but it offers long-lasting results that can withstand the pressure of daily chewing without breaking down.

However, there are some downsides to choosing gold as a filling material. Firstly, it is not aesthetically pleasing for some individuals due to its metallic color. Secondly, getting gold fillings requires multiple visits to a dentist in 77074 and may be more expensive than other filling options. Nevertheless, those who choose this option often appreciate its durability and longevity – gold fillings can last several decades with proper care. Whether or not gold fillings are right depends on your needs and preferences.


Choosing the right dental filling is crucial for maintaining good oral health. With so many fillings options available, deciding which one is best for you can be overwhelming. However, by considering factors such as durability, cost, and aesthetics, you can choose a suitable option with the help of your dentist. It’s vital to remember that no matter what type of filling you choose, proper oral hygiene practices are essential in preventing further decay or damage to your teeth and also will ensure that your fillings last as long as possible. Visit Mi Casa Dental for more information about dental fillings.