Essential Reasons for You to Consider Dental Implants

Essential Reasons for You to Consider Dental Implants

Jun 15, 2021

Do you ever consider your dental health until you start experiencing discomfort or a loose tooth? It is only when you experience the pain you think about your dental health that you otherwise take for granted. However, when your dental health turns around in the wrong direction, things begin spiraling out of control rapidly. When you lose a tooth or teeth, your dental structure starts weakening, causing your remaining teeth to move out of their natural position. As the risk of losing more teeth increases significantly, you rush to the dentist near you seeking a solution for the problem affecting you.

Loss of teeth not only compromises your dental health but also affects your overall health. Unfortunately, your declining dental health’s downward spiral is unavoidable unless you listen to the dentist and decide to have dental implants to replace your missing teeth.

Dental Implant Houston, TX, has an experienced team of oral specialists providing dental implants and comprehensive restorative care for patients in the region. If you want to restore the functionality of your natural teeth by having replacements with fixed implants, you must visit the dentist in Houston, TX, for help to maintain a genuine and healthy-looking smile.

Why Consider Dental Implants and None Other?

Dental implants provide many benefits when deciding to have them over other solutions like dental bridges or dentures. This blog offers some fundamental reasons you must consider dental implants over other options available from the cosmetic dentist in Houston, TX.

Dentures are replacements sitting loosely on your gums and are not fixed replacements for lost teeth. Dentures need removal every day for cleaning besides frequent adjustments from the prosthodontist who created them. Dentures are uncomfortable and likely to slip in your mouth when eating and speaking. They need replacements every five years.

Dental bridges are fixed appliances in your mouth but need support from the natural teeth adjacent to the missing tooth’s gap. The supporting teeth are compromised when reshaping them to accommodate the dental crowns holding the Pontic. Over time the supporting teeth may sustain damages, leaving you with more tooth loss. Dental bridges also need replacements every five to ten years.

Consider The Essential Reasons for Having Dental Implants

Dental implants comfortably replace missing teeth to maintain the integrity of your dental structure. Implants support and prevent the neighboring teeth from moving out of place or becoming loose because they prevent bone resorption.

Dental implants are standalone applications providing a solid anchor for your artificial teeth. Implants have a natural appearance and are more attractive than other teeth replacement solutions. Dental implants are more comfortable when eating and speaking. They are unlikely to slip or shift like dentures or damage the neighboring teeth like it is familiar with bridges.

Maintaining dental implants is comfortable with a proper dental hygiene regimen. Dental implants don’t attract cavities, leaving you free from the concerns of tooth decay. So long as you maintain appropriate oral hygiene and disallow plaque buildup to accumulate on your teeth and gum line, you can rest assured the implants will last you for a lifetime. Gum disease is perhaps the only deterrent of dental implants because the titanium post is inserted deep into your jawbone to function as an artificial tooth root. Therefore, you must maintain proper dental hygiene with frequent visits to the Houston dentist for exams and cleanings to safeguard your dental health and dental implants.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

You may have heard not everyone is suitable for dental implants, and many people are doomed to wear uncomfortable partials or dentures. Thankfully tremendous evolution behind dental implants has ensured they have become the industry standard for replacing missing teeth or correcting other dental problems. Presently most people are suitable for dental implants so long as they are in good physical health, oral health and have sufficient jawbone in their mouths. People with insufficient jawbone can also benefit from mini implants to replace an entire arch of teeth in a row. It is why dental implants have replaced partials and dentures at the treatment of choice for replacing teeth among doctors and patients alike.

You can consider yourself a candidate for dental implants if you prepare yourself for the surgery and the waiting time required by the implants to heal before you can have natural-looking artificial teeth in your mouth. It doesn’t mean you must display gaps until you complete the healing period. The Houston dentist ensures you have a temporary replacement to close the gaps and continue smiling until you eventually have a realistic-looking dental crown customized for you on the implant.

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