How to Get Rid of Soreness from a Valplast Denture?

How to Get Rid of Soreness from a Valplast Denture?

Dec 15, 2021

Dentures are removable devices for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Regardless of whether you’ve lost teeth for health purposes or injury, partial or full dentures are the best option for you. Mi Casa Dental offers two types of dentures known as Southwest Partials & Full Dentures.

The most popular dentures available today are the Valplast which is made of a durable thermoplastic nylon material. It offers a lifetime guarantee against breakage. This post will explain to you how to get relief from soreness caused by a Valplast Denture.

What Are Valplast Flexible Partials?

Valplast flexible partials are partial dentures that replace only a couple of missing teeth instead of an entire row. They are made of a flexible and lightweight material. They also come with a unique design and are also secure compared to traditional rigid dentures. Moreover, the Valplast partial denture process is straightforward from beginning to end.

Valplast Preparation Techniques

Before beginning a Valplast partial process, the dentists examine a cast model completely. Valplast uses a tissue fasten technique for retention. The procedure for making your Valplast partial denture is direct. To begin with, you wanted to have an evaluation by your dentist. If you agree that a Valplast denture treatment for you, the denture will be specially crafted.

Your existing teeth do not get modified in any way. If you experience any discomfort from your Valplast dentures or if you notice anything wrong with your regular teeth or gums, contact the dental experts today.

Caring for Your Valplast Dentures

The Valplast device involves two essential parts: the base material and the synthetic teeth installed in it. The base material is very amazing and durable. It won’t break or get harmed if it is dropped accidentally.

The synthetic teeth are a bit more delicate and could be damaged if the appliance gets dropped. Hence, this is why you should take great care in dealing with your Valplast dentures.

Steps to Valplast Flexible Partial Denture Care

  • Rinse your uniquely designed device under running water and using a denture brush. It helps you to eliminate dirt particles effectively. Do not use conventional toothbrushes as these may start to expose your device.
  • Soak your valplast partial denture in a val-clean denture cleanser for 10-15 minutes day by day. You may also soak your device overnight three times each week for cleaning.
  • Your dental appliance must stay hydrated when you are not wearing it. Store your appliance in the Val-Clean solution or plain water whenever it isn’t being worn.
  • Improve cleaning with the use of the Denture Sonic, Denture Spa, Valplast Supply Services, Inc.
  • Remember to brush your natural teeth and gums regularly as suggested by your dentist.

For more information on Partials & Full Dentures in Braes Timbers Houston, TX, get in touch at Mi Casa Dental.

Pros & Cons of Valplast Flexible Partials

There are both pros and cons of using Valplast partial dentures. Before getting it installed in your mouth, you must have the proper knowledge.


Below are the advantages you can expect after the treatment:

  • Esthetic: The clear material blends well with the tissue for a great-looking smile.
  • Provides Comfort: The flexible dentures are soft, lightweight, and comfortable with an accurate fit.
  • Bio-Compatible: Valplast partials are non-allergenic and without formaldehyde.
  • Minimal Absorption of Stains: Partial dentures are not likely to absorb stains and smell.


Below are some of its disadvantages:

  • Not Permanent: Valplast dentures are a temporary solution. So, they will not suit patients searching for a permanent fix.
  • Cannot Reline: Valplast partial dentures can’t be relined. If the dentures did not fit comfortably, you need to change the entire device.
  • Non-Repairable: Flexible dentures are non-repairable. In case a patient’s dentures get a crack or break, the whole device needs replacing. This implies replacing flexible dentures can be costly, regardless of whether a tiny crack occurs.
  • Take Long Time to Create: Valplast partial dentures require a long time to make in the dental lab. The material can be challenging to completely fit and adjust.

Learn More About Valplast Dentures

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