Partial & Full Dentures Appropriate Solutions for Replacing Missing Teeth

Partial & Full Dentures Appropriate Solutions for Replacing Missing Teeth

Apr 01, 2021

What do you think about when you lose one or several teeth? You receive information from your dentist to close the gaps in your mouth as early as possible. You receive information about the consequences of missing teeth, making you fear you must indulge in substantial expenditure immediately.

Replacing missing teeth seems convenient with various options available from dentists. However, you may balk at the expenditure for the replacements and think you must lookout for an affordable option. Affordable options are also available for replacing your teeth. If you research dentures near me, you get to know you can conveniently have the missing teeth replaced by contacting the dentist in Houston, TX, providing Partial & Full Dentures near you in Houston, TX.

Which Option Would You Choose When Choosing Dentures?

There are many options when selecting dentures for yourself. You can have full dentures, partial dentures, flexible partial dentures, and implant-supported dentures. When getting the dentures, the Houston dentist can guide you through the decision-making process. However, to help you prepare for your options, we provide an overview of the benefits of complete and partial dentures.

The Benefits of Full Dentures

The dentist 77074 recommends full dentures if you have no or few teeth left. When going through the process of getting dentures, special attention is paid to restoring your mouth’s health. Dentists remove damaged or diseased teeth and wait for any infections in your mouth to heal to ensure your mouth is pain-free. You will have to wait for about six to eight weeks for the healing process before you can have dentures installed. Complete dentures are an excellent method of restoring oral health if you have chronic severe tooth problems.

Complete dentures help to fill out your face, which appears sunken due to the lack of teeth. The improvement gives you a younger and healthier appearance. Furthermore, complete dentures restore your ability to eat different types of foods to improve your overall physical health.

The Benefits of Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are beneficial to replace single or several missing teeth and are affordable than complete dentures. They quickly restore your aesthetics by filling out the gaps in your smile. You can even have same-day dentures if you plan on having your teeth extracted by the Houston dentist for reasons like decay, infections, or injuries. Same-day dentures allow you to have replacement teeth immediately after your natural tooth is removed, preventing the need for showing off gaps in your mouth.

Partial dentures can protect the health of your remaining teeth, which tend to move towards the blank space left by the extracted tooth. Partial dentures help you avoid overuse of one part of your mouth when eating, causing wear and damage.

What Are the Alternatives to Dentures?

Finding alternatives for dentures is not challenging because you can have dental implants to support cemented dental bridges to eliminate the requirement for a denture. However, the costs for getting dental implants and bridges are considerably higher and require an invasive procedure. You may not be a candidate for dental implants if your oral and physical health is not in prime condition. Dental implants have become the alternative for dentures but are not suitable for everyone because of the reasons mentioned above. Dental implants are also helpful for supporting dentures to provide more stability. You can consult with your dentist for advice about dental implants to confirm your candidature for the process. However, you must prepare yourself to undergo a lengthy procedure spanning over six to nine months and considerable expenditure without dental insurers’ support.

On the other hand, if you prefer full or partial dentures to replace your missing teeth, you receive support from your insurers for some or the entire cost of the replacements.

How Will New Dentures Feel in the Mouth?

New dentures will feel strange in the mouth or loose for a few weeks until your cheek muscles and tongue get accustomed to keeping the appliance in place. You must also practice inserting and removing them to ensure they are comfortable. You may experience minor irritation and soreness and an increase in the flow of saliva when you begin wearing dentures initially. However, these problems subside in a few weeks as your mouth adjusts to your artificial teeth.

Partials & full dentures are affordable replacements for missing teeth than dental implants or bridges. Dentures have retained their popularity, although alternatives are preferred by most whenever they need teeth replacement solutions.

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