Children's Dentistry in Braes Timbers Houston, TX

While treating children’s teeth is similar to treating adults, there are many differences too. Since kids’ teeth are coming in or falling out, a dentist who treats children needs awareness of the various stages of kids’ teeth development. If you have children, it’s important to go to a dentist that practices children’s dentistry along with general dentistry.

Cater to Kids

When you walk into the offices of our dentist near you at Mi Casa Dental, you can tell right away that they treat children as well as adults. In our waiting room, you will see bright colors on some of the walls or a play area with kids’ books, magazines, or toys for kids of all ages in Houston.

Also, our dental staff knows how to treat our smallest patients because we design some examination rooms, specifically for our young patients. Our dental chairs, dental equipment, and tools are all kid-sized so that these things are more comfortable for them during examinations and procedures.

Seeing things that are child-size also gives parents more confidence about the dentists’ ability to treat their children, and kids feel more at ease as well because the chair and equipment are not as intimidating as they are in the adult rooms.

Services for Kids

The services we offer are specifically for children as well. From the dental exams to preventive treatments, our southwest Houston dentists at Mi Casa Dental always have your kids in mind. To start with, parents are always welcome to be in the exam room during treatments.

If you have infants or toddlers, we encourage you to be in there with them. You can even hold your child during their exams and treatments to keep them calmer. Our children’s dentists near you in Houston have specific training for working with kids, so they know how to keep them calm, but having mom or dad, there is important to your children as well.

Along with routine exams and cleanings, we can put dental sealants on teeth to protect them against cavities, help with orthodontic treatments like braces, or provide fluoride treatments if necessary to help keep teeth healthy.

If you have kids, our dentists at Mi Casa Dental in Houston can treat them, and your entire family to keep their teeth beautiful and healthy.