Deep Cleaning in Braes Timbers Houston, TX

At Mi Casa Dental, we offer not only standard cleanings but also provide deep cleanings in Houston, TX, for patients who need it. When bacteria invade the area below the gum line, standard cleaning may not prove sufficient; deep cleaning may be required to prevent infection.

Despite regular brushing and flossing, we may sometimes develop cavities and tooth decay due to bacterial attacks. Please feel free to contact our trained dentist near you for more information regarding our preventive dental care services.

What Does a Deep Cleaning Involve?

Deep cleaning is also known as periodontal scaling and root planing (SRP) treatment. Bacteria may accumulate under the gum line and form deep pockets, which may eventually lead to receding gums and tooth loss. Untreated gum pockets may also result in advanced periodontal disease, which may require surgery in extreme cases.

Deep cleaning is similar to standard cleaning, but the hygienist will clean below the gums, on the outer surface of the tooth roots. The dentist or periodontist will use a scaler to scrape away tartar from the teeth using specialized instruments.

Our team uses the latest equipment, including ultrasound scalers with a vibrating tip to scrape away tartar, which is then washed away with water. Planing is a technique that rubs away rough spots in the gums and allows gums to re-attach with teeth. Bacterial attacks often force the gums to recede from the teeth.

If you are considering getting deep cleaning done, contact our dentist in Houston, TX, today.

What to Expect from a Deep Cleaning at Mi Casa Dental

If you notice red, swollen, or tender gums, it may indicate a bacterial infection that requires deep cleaning. Your teeth may appear to be longer, or your gums may bleed a little every time you brush or floss.

Our dentist near you will measure the gum pockets using a special probe and recommend a deep cleaning or further x-rays, if necessary. The diagnostic processes are pain-free.

Based on the x-rays or visual exam, you may need deep cleaning in a few or all oral cavity spots.

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