Dental Fillings in Braes Timbers Houston, TX

Dental fillings restore teeth after mild to moderate damage or decay. A dental filling protects a tooth from the risk of further infection as well as improving its aesthetic and function. Here at Mi Casa Dental, we pride ourselves on providing the best dental fillings in Houston. Our approach to treatment is collaborative and compassionate. We listen to our patients and take all their concerns and needs into consideration. We also utilize innovative dental techniques and technology to ensure the complete transformation of your smile.

Dental Fillings Treatment Procedure

Dental fillings treatment is a one-appointment procedure. During your visit, our dentist near you numbs the area surrounding the affected tooth. Afterward, the dentist embarks on removing all traces of decay from your tooth. After a thorough elimination of decay, the dentist seals the tooth using the dental filling of your choice.

For larger fillings, our dentist may recommend getting dental crowns. Dental crowns are protective coverings or caps that fit over the exposed part of a tooth.

Dental fillings are one of the ways you can restore your tooth after damage. Our dentist will comprehensively evaluate you to determine whether you need further treatments to address your dental issues.

Reach out to Mi Casa Dental to book an appointment if you’re interested in dental fillings near you. We work hard to ensure all patients feel at home during their time with us.

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