Partials & Full Dentures in Braes Timbers Houston, TX

A denture is a type of removable dental restoration for people who have lost their teeth. Dentures may be partial or complete. In cases where you’ve lost all your teeth, you require full dentures. Patients who still have several of their natural teeth remaining need partial dentures.

Complete dentures are categorized as either conventional or immediate. Traditional dentures are custom-made and involve placement 8 to 12 weeks after extraction of all teeth. Immediate dentures, on the other hand, are fitted immediately. There’s no waiting or healing period, and you don’t need to go without teeth as you await the manufacture of your replacement teeth. Because they’re made in advance, immediate dentures may not fit as well as conventional dentures.

Partial dentures feature replacement teeth that are fixed to a plastic, gum-colored base. Partial dentures also have a support framework that allows them to sit comfortably with the rest of your teeth.

Mi Casa Dental provides both partials and full dentures in Houston. We want you to enjoy a full and beautiful smile even after tooth loss. That’s why we offer this non-invasive restoration option to all patients who wish to restore their smiles.

What to Expect

During your visit, our dentist in Houston will carefully assess you to determine if dentures are your best tooth-replacement option. We will consider the health of your remaining teeth, as well as your preferences.

After taking into account all factors, our dentist will take teeth impressions. These impressions will allow the creation of custom, well-fitting, and comfortable dentures.

During your subsequent appointment, our dentist near you will check to see whether your dentures are a good fit and then fit them in your oral cavity.

Benefits of Dentures

Are you considering getting partials and full dentures near you? Here’s why dentures are popular dental restorations:

  • The process of getting dentures is painless and non-invasive. There’s no need for surgery or anesthesia.
  • Unlike dental implants that come with stringent criteria, dentures can be worn by just about anybody.
  • Dentures are also significantly more affordable in comparison to other teeth replacement options.
  • Dentures are flexible. You can remove them before going to bed or at any other time if you so wish.

Reach out to Mi Casa Dental today if you’re interested in partials and full dentures in Houston.