Traditional Braces 101: Everything You Should Know

Traditional Braces 101: Everything You Should Know

Sep 01, 2021

Are you looking for braces near you that can help transform your smile? You are not alone. A huge percentage of the world’s population lives with crooked and misaligned teeth. Such are dental issues that are best handled in childhood, but everyone is not lucky enough to have. However, in orthodontic dentistry, there is still a place for adults to benefit from the services therein. All you need is to reach out to a dentist in Southwest for a dental exam and a treatment plan that can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. While you do, do your due diligence to learn as much as possible about orthodontic appliances used to straighten teeth. The thing is, there are several alternatives to choose from, which can make decision-making overwhelming. Start by learning about the most common type of oral appliance in orthodontics, which is traditional braces.

What Are Traditional Braces?

They are oral appliances that dentists in TX have used for a long time now to straighten teeth. ​Traditional braces in 77074 feature metal brackets and wires that are attached to teeth to exert the necessary pressure needed to shift and rotate teeth. To place the metal brackets a dental adhesive is used to ensure that the brackets stay put. For this reason, traditional braces are not removable. You will have them on from the beginning of your treatment until you complete it.

The good thing about modern dentistry is that it does not leave any stone unturned. Advancements in traditional braces have been made over the years, ensuring that they are also accepting of people’s needs and preferences. As such, some variations in traditional braces have made them more versatile for people of different ages. You can get a range of color options for the brackets of your braces for a colorful experience. Further, you can opt for ceramic brackets instead of metal brackets. The ceramic brackets can be tooth-colored, which makes them less conspicuous than the traditional metal brackets. However, compared to the traditional metal braces, you will learn that ceramic braces are less time-effective and rather expensive.

Why Choose Traditional Braces?

For many years, traditional braces were the only types of oral appliances that could help straighten teeth effectively. However, modern dentistry has introduced variations in orthodontic treatment so that there are other alternatives for teeth alignment that patients can choose. Still, traditional braces in Houston, TX, 77074, have their place, retaining some competitive advantages that make them remain relevant even in modern times. Some of the benefits of traditional braces in Houston include:

  • They are effective for complex orthodontic problems – other types of teeth aligners try to stay away from complex malocclusions. However, with traditional braces in TX, any type of orthodontic problem is correctable. It is why many of the dental problems that other teeth aligners cannot fix are corrected using traditional braces.
  • They are the most affordable – orthodontic treatments tend to be expensive, given the amount of work that goes into the treatment as well as the longevity thereof. Of all the alternatives for straightening teeth, traditional braces are the most affordable.
  • The orthodontist has proper control over your treatment plan – with traditional braces, you need several dental visits to allow your orthodontist to adjust and direct your teeth in the correct movement pattern. This kind of control over your treatment plan ensures that your dentist can guide and direct the movement of your teeth in small increments at a time for a more precise outcome.

How Long Does a Person Wear Traditional Braces?

The duration of your treatment will determine how long you will need to have your braces. This duration is determined by how quickly your teeth move as per the treatment plan created by your dentist. Every case has a different duration depending on the initial complexity of your misalignment, and how well the mouth responds to the treatment. Typically, all orthodontic treatments last between 12 and 24 months. in the end, the benefits of wearing traditional braces will outweigh the fear of having them for too long. You will, in time, notice improvements in your bite, the appearance of your smile, your oral hygiene, and the overall functionality of your oral cavity.

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