What Are Dental Crowns And How Effective Are They

What Are Dental Crowns And How Effective Are They

May 01, 2021

There are many reasons to get a crown, from a perfect smile makeover to promoting a healthy mouth. You can never go wrong with one.

A crown is a tooth-shaped shield or covering used to replace a damaged tooth and restore the tooth’s shape. It can be made from porcelain, metal, ceramic, zirconia, and many more. Anyone can have a damaged tooth as it is not age-related. A dental crown usually results from injuries, tooth decay, or cavity. Dental crowns are long-term solutions for several dental issues, so you have to weigh the different types of dental crowns near you and their durability before going for one.



These Crowns are prefabricated and are used as temporary means for permanent teeth protection before the permanent crown is produced. These are affordable and are mainly used for children.


This type of crown is long-lasting, can withstand pressure from chewing, and does not break easily. Due to their varying color from the teeth, metal crowns are best for molars replacement since they are hidden inside the mouth. They are usually made from alloys and gold and are quite expensive.


This crown is perfect for any position as it matches the teeth’ natural color and provides strength because of the metal within. While it lasts longer than the stainless option, this crown is not as durable as the metal crown and wears off over time.


These dental crown types wear off quite faster than Porcelain time and are the cheapest of all the long-term options.


A ceramic crown can be used for front or back teeth due to its color. It is perfect choices who are not so keen on metal in their teeth.



It helps protect the teeth of children who do not constantly keep healthy dental hygiene against tooth decay.

It can replace primary teeth that can’t withstand a teeth filling because of their critically damage state.


  • It helps cover a dental implant.
  • It is used for cosmetic purposes.
  • It is used to protect and hold a tooth bridge in place.
  • A discolored tooth can be shielded with a crown.
  • It can be used to hold a cracked tooth from breaking further.
  • It can be used to restore a critically damaged tooth.
  • It is also used to hide a tooth with so much filling.


If your doctor recommends a dental crown for your teeth, then you will have to pay at least two visits to the dental clinic to get accurate results.


The dentist would need an x-ray to ascertain the bone surrounding the teeth that require a dental crown. If the tooth is critically damaged or infected, a dental treatment like the root canal treatment might be administered before the crown treatment.

Local anesthesia will be administered, and your dentist will have to carve and reshape the teeth to accommodate the incoming crown. Your dentist will also collect the damaged tooth’s impressions and those close to them to avoid difficulty in chewing after the crown.

The impression will be sent to the lab for production and may take a maximum of three weeks before it is ready. However, during this waiting period, your dentist will have to fit in a temporary acrylic crown and use it to protect the tooth until the permanent crown is ready.


Local anaesthesia will be administered to numb the area surrounding the temporal crown. The temporary crown will then be removed and the permanent crown fixed with permanent cement.

Before deciding to have a dental crown, you should first visit your dentist for advice and book an appointment. If you do not have a personal dentist, you can search for Denture near me to get a local listing of dental clinics near you and book an appointment with a dentist.

However, if you want a reputable dentist for your crown, you can get the best result by booking an appointment with a dentist in Houston, TX, by searching Dental Extraction in Houston, TX.

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