Feb 01, 2022

The perception of others on specific issues often influences ours. That is why you must know the right things. In this case, it’s about root canals. If you consider getting root canal therapy, you need to meet the right person. As you continue to read this article, you will know more about who to get root canal therapy from and how to go about it.

A root canal therapy known as endodontic therapy is an oral treatment that involves drilling into the root of an infected tooth, disinfecting the infected area, and taking out the decayed or infected tissues.

Unlike tooth extraction, which involves the complete removal of a decayed tooth from its roots, endodontic therapy requires removing the infection in the tooth’s roots and preventing the natural tooth from falling out.

Who Can I Get A Root Canal Therapy From?

General dentists usually have some basic knowledge about all the dentistry departments. However, for a general dentist to specialize in a particular dental department, the general dentist has to go for further training after graduating from dental school.

The general dentist specializing in performing root canal therapy is an ENDODONTIST. Before getting root canal therapy, you have to make sure to consult a very skilled endodontist. The success rate of root canal treatment also depends on the endodontist’s ability.

An endodontist’s role also includes assisting the patient throughout the endodontic procedure and monitoring the patient’s recovery. Although a general dentist is familiar with endodontics, some infections are too severe for a general dentist to handle, necessitating the assistance of an endodontist. The endodontist would be the best to address the root canal infection because they have received more endodontic training than a regular dentist.

The first thing to know about getting a root canal near you is that your endodontist will anesthetize the area to block any pain during the procedure. When conducting a root canal therapy, the endodontist would drill into the root canal where the infection is, clean out and disinfect the area. After disinfecting the site, they will remove the infected tissues. Once the infected tissues are gone, the endodontist will clean the root canal thoroughly. Next, they will reshape the root canal and fill it to prevent infections from getting into the root canal again. A dental crown is often placed on the tooth after the root canal procedure to protect the tooth from infections and other dangers.

When You Should See An Endodontist

Various symptoms might indicate that you have a tooth infection that would need an endodontist’s intervention. Let’s see what they are:

  • If you’re suffering from severe toothache and you can’t feel any relief despite the use of pain killers, you might need to see a dentist near you as soon as possible.
  • If you have suddenly noticed a sharp pain whenever you eat and drink cold or hot substances, you should see the endodontist because these are symptoms of teeth sensitivity.
  • People who have damaged their teeth during sports activities or other reasons are at higher risks of developing teeth infection; seeing a dentist near you immediately after the damage would reduce the risks.
  • Swellings or abscesses between the teeth or gums can signify teeth infection. You should get a dental examination to confirm the cause of the swelling or abscess.

What Are The Benefits Of Root Canal Therapy?

After getting your root canal therapy from Mi Casa Dental- Houston, TX, your dentist will follow up on your recovery. There are a lot of benefits that you can get from root canal therapy.

  • Root canals near you prevent your natural tooth from falling off. Instead of getting a tooth extraction to get rid of the infection, you can still preserve your tooth without the infections after getting a root canal treatment.
  • Root canals in Houston, TX, enhance your dental functions. Since you can preserve your natural tooth, you won’t suffer from biting, chewing, or smiling problems.
  • Another fantastic benefit of getting root canal therapy is boosting your confidence. Your teeth are healthier, and you are happier.