Would You Need Emergency Dental Care on Weekends?

Would You Need Emergency Dental Care on Weekends?

Feb 15, 2022

The need for emergency dental care may arise at any time or day. Unfortunately, dental problems affect most people beyond office hours and on weekends or holidays. The nature of the dental emergency affecting you determines whether you need treatment immediately or your problem can wait for a couple of days until you can schedule an appointment with your regular dental care provider. Some situations require emergency dental care, while others merely need urgent dental care as soon as possible.

Dental emergencies do not have a predetermined time to make their presence felt in your mouth. What happens if you wake up on a Saturday morning with an excruciating toothache and wonder where you can receive the essential treatment to alleviate the pain and preserve your tooth? Your anxiety will probably make you rush down to an emergency room without realizing these facilities do not provide dental care because they neither have the professionals nor the equipment to deal with your condition. They undoubtedly give some painkillers and a hefty bill for services not provided and recommend that you see the dentist near you for attention.

How to Manage the Requirement for Emergency Dental Care on Weekends?

Preparing yourself ahead of time is the optimal method to prepare for dental emergencies at any time, including weekends. Dentists are fully aware you can develop dental problems frequently on weekends and holidays. It is why the dentist’s office in Southwest provides emergency dental care whenever you need it.

If you have the contact details of the Southwest dentist’s office, you can contact them for an appointment to have your toothache dealt with promptly. The dentist from the facility will inquire into your problem and advise how to manage your discomfort until you get to the dental office. When you arrive at the office for your dental appointment, the professionals examine your teeth to determine the source of your toothache. If you have untreated infections in your tooth, they recommend caring for them right away to eliminate the discomfort. They also advise the medications you can take for relief from the pain after treating the tooth causing it.

Why Does Emergency Dental Care Become Essential on Weekends?

Dental emergencies always seem to aggravate in the evenings or on holidays. It is because you are relaxed and not involved with work to ignore dental emergencies. When any dental problem affects you, the situation becomes noticeable because your mind is not occupied with other chores. Instead of putting off the care you need for later, you start searching for an emergency dentist to ensure you don’t have to spend your weekend suffering in pain.

The dental emergency affecting you makes you think you will likely lose your tooth and require expensive replacement solutions when the problem affects you on the weekend. If your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to fit dental visits during the week, the weekend is an excellent opportunity to have your teeth examined and treated by a dentist located in your neighborhood.

The Saturday Dentist in Braes Timbers Houston, TX, provides emergency dental care from 9 AM to 2 PM. They also have extended hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays to provide services until 6 PM in the evening if you are affected by any dental problem. So long as you care for your dental health and do not fear visits to the emergency dentist, you receive the treatment needed from the Southwest dentist beyond office hours and even on Saturdays.

Which Dental Issue Needs Prompt Treatment?

A severe toothache, dental abscess, loose tooth, a broken tooth with a large piece missing, knocked out tooth, or significant cracks or chips in the tooth require prompt treatment from a dentist whenever the problem occurs. The earlier you seek treatment for the issues mentioned helps you avoid costly dental restorations later.

Not every dental emergency requires prompt attention, and some issues like a mild toothache, lost fillings, crowns, or bridges, food trapped between your teeth, and minor chips or cracks in the tooth can wait until you can see your regular dentist. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean you can ignore visiting your dentist because infections can result in your mouth requiring expensive treatments. Therefore whether a dental emergency is minor or significant, you must ensure you get the needed treatment as soon as possible without fail.

Dental emergencies are notorious for arriving on weekends. If you face a similar situation, please do not hesitate to contact Mi Casa Dental – Houston, TX, for treatments on any day, including weekends.